81. Joe on Joe on Order of Battle

Episode 81,  Dec 28, 2022, 05:00 PM

#gijoe GI Joe

Order of Battle Podcast episode 81

We know you’ve heard of the Joe on Joe Podcast. It is the only show where Joe talks about Joe! And this week Joe Slepski joins Alexander, Jason, and Joel. 

Joe has, over the last 8+ years, covered every single episode of the Sunbow GIJoe cartoon, every episode of the DIC GiJoe cartoon, and even every episode of the GIJoe Extreme cartoon. But he also has covered every issue of the Marvel GIJoe A Real American Hero comic book. 

As he hits issue 155 and reformats his show for a time, the boys have him on just to talk GIJoe, comics, podcasts and more. 

In a few weeks he’ll be publishing his new You on Joe format. If you want to be on his show, you should definitely reach out: https://www.joeonjoe.com/

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