Scott Hanis: Betting on Yourself, Fortitude HR Solutions, Taking Chances, & Keeping Faith

Season 2, Episode 27,   Dec 30, 2022, 03:33 PM

In this episode of the "Chats with Clark" Podcast, Scott Hanis joins the show to discuss a breadth of topics, ranging from starting his own H.R. business called Fortitude HR Solutions, being a father and husband in today's society, the struggle with bodily abuse, nearly dying from health complications, and recovering from sexual abuse through commitment to his faith. Hanis, a man of great motivation, finds meaning in all of the happenings in his life. "Nothing is a coincidence," Hanis contends, citing his devout faith in Christ as his cornerstone.

Check out this episode to hear reasons as to why hard work and taking a chance on yourself, bolstered by the love of others, including God, can be the greatest decision of one's life. Bet on you!

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