Dance Britannia

Feb 08, 06:00 AM

Laura Rawlings takes the reins of The Radio Academy podcast, and begins by talking to Andi Durrant, Director of indie This Is Distorted and Exec Producer of Dance Britannia - the KISSTORY series of interviews with dance music legends hosted by Sister Bliss.

Andi shares how the team at Distorted worked with Sister Bliss to put the shows together with some of the biggest names in British dance music - Fatboy Slim, Paul Oakenfold, Groove Armada and more. They talk about troubles with timezones and technology, remote recording and the unfortunate collapse of their original broadcast partner. Andi describes the joy of working on a genre you love and how that passion feeds through into the series.

It's definitely one for the dance music fans but there's much more to this episode. If you've ever worked on an audio project that's gone pear-shaped, Andi's experience of getting this great series to air will resonate with you.