Cyclical Business Episode: Investing In Support

Episode 46,  Feb 07, 12:22 PM

I've decided to launch one episode a month on running a "cyclical business." Running a cyclical business aims to integrate the values of inclusion, self-care, feminism, menstrual cycle awareness, and anti-oppressive values into the ways we do business and marketing.

You can be a coach, healer, therapist, etc. AND be a great business owner!

In this month's Cyclical Business Episode, we explore the topic of Support and investing in support. We chat about how important having support is and why it matters so much. 
Support helps with:

  • Making business decisions
  • Navigating confusion
  • Building a trauma-informed business
  • Clarity on what mainstream business advice to reject
  • Business with a feminist lens in mind
  • Understanding why professional support needs to be different to friendships
  • Building regular commitment
  • Building a business with a lot of integrity
  • Acknowledging our blind spots
  • Unlearning "bro-marketing"
  • Lots more!

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