Melodie Yashar on understanding our place in the solar system

Season 2, Episode 9,   Feb 09, 10:55 AM

In this episode of our Back to the F**kture podcast, The Future Laboratory co-founder Martin Raymond talks to the award-winning technologist and space architect Melodie Yashar about how her work on future Mars habitats is providing Earth-bound communities affordable, sustainable, low-carbon homes – and beautiful ones at that.

Melodie Yashar, and her team at ICON, recently won Builder magazine Project of the Year award for a very modern, very beautiful, very curvilinear 2,045-square-feet house they’ve designed in Austin, Texas. In many ways it is the prototype for a range of 100 future-facing homes they are currently building and launching this year in Texas Hill Country.

In this episode, we discuss everything from the metric of imagination in space to pushing the boundaries of technology-driven spaces. Tune in to learn more.