Irenee "E" Nkera: Escaping Rwandan Genocide, Celebrating Culture, & Always Learning Different Skills

Season 3, Episode 33,   Feb 10, 2023, 09:42 PM

In episode 33 of the "Chats with Clark" Podcast, Irenee "E" Nkera joins the show to discuss being born and growing up in Rwanda, his parents escape of the Rwandan Genocide, the importance of celebrating and remembering culture, and the principal of always learning new skills. E spent about ten days on an immersion trip on the inland of Jamaica, where he learned how little one has to do to influence someone; that's a powerful tool to be able to better shape the world and to treat others with love.

E is a greatly poised man who has many various experiences that inform his perspectives. Tune in to episode 33 to hear a man with great appreciation and gratitude for the world around him. E is an amazing human, and you will feel as if you have known him your whole life after hearing him discuss in this episode. 

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