From feeling small to standing tall - how to be ballsy when you've got boobs not balls and your 5ft something or under

Episode 1,   Feb 14, 2023, 06:30 AM

From Feeling Small to Standing Tall. Download the accompanying guide to this episode with tips and techniques.

 I struggled with chronic people pleasing – throughout my career and life in general.

I found it hard to say no so I overworked -  almost into an early grave.  

My imposter voice kept telling me, I wasn’t good enough. That I’d get found out any moment. That I had to prove myself, over and over.  Professionally this was how I’d progressed in my career. Personally, it came with a cost too. Burn out, exhaustion and an on/off relationship with anti-depressants (that of course no-one knew about). But on the outside people thought I was confident. That I ‘had it all’.  On the inside it was a whole different story. 

Carolyn did everything she thought she ‘should’ in her career. It led her to the boardrooms of some of the World’s largest employers. But she also hid a couple of secrets. Whilst professionally, she was an expert in HR and Change Management, she was tired of the bullsh*t. Tired of playing the game by someone else’s rules. 

And she had zero self-worth. Her personal life was a disaster - from porn addicted boyfriends to marriage to a lover who became more like a brother (and who had been hiding his homosexuality throughout their 15 year relationship), to a narcissistic and coercive partner who left her homeless in the week she lost her job. 

In this episode we share our stories as two Broads who have navigated our personal and professional lives and provide you with tips to help you too. 

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From Feeling Small to Standing Tall. Your Guide to the Broad Room by Jo Britton