From critic to cheerleader. How to banish your unkind inner voice.

Episode 5,   Feb 14, 2023, 06:32 AM

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Remember that childlike capacity you had to believe?  When you were a child playing make believe. And you truly believed that you were a superhero, a Disney Princess, an astronaut, an international pop star, an Olympic champion or you’d scored the winning goal in the World Cup final?

 Then life threw you a tonne of lemons and curve balls. You grew up. And started to doubt yourself. And even though you’ve already achieved so much (yes you have!), there’s this little voice – your imposter voice – that says stuff like ‘You’re going to get found out any moment.’ 

You find yourself in a perpetuating cycle of self-doubt.  You may push yourself harder, wanting to prove your worth. But each level of achievement causes you to feel as though you have to put in more effort to keep up the ‘charade.’ 

 You minimise your contributions. Don’t ask for a pay rise at work. Don’t go for that promotion. Don’t start that business you’d dreamed of. 

All that you believed was possible starts to feel a bit more impossible. So, you stay where you are.

But deep down you still have the ambition to succeed and have the career or life you’ve dreamed of.  

If you relate to this, welcome to the club.  

Maybe you have an inner critic or an imposter voice

In this episode, we talk about how to go from critic to cheerleader and banish that unkind inner voice

You can down load the accompanying guide with tips and techniques here

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