Surgeons or Butchers? Medical Monstrosities of America’s Deadliest War. Gettysburg National Military Park.

Episode 131,   Feb 27, 05:00 AM

These days the news is saturated with stories of tragedies from all corners of the world. Because of this, it’s sometimes difficult to have an optimistic attitude about the future. It's easy to forget the leaps and bounds we have already made. Centuries of progress and advancements in science and technology feel insignificant when faced with a mountain of modern day issues. But rest assured, we have made progress, especially when we reflect back on the horrific stories that unfolded within Gettysburg National Military Park.

Book Recommendations:  
Bullets & Bandages: The Aid Stations and Field Hospitals at Gettysburg by James Gindlespreger

Too Much for Human Endurance: The George Spangler Farm Hospital and the Battle of Gettysburg by Ronald Kirkwood

Healing A Divided Nation: How the American Civil War Revolutionized Western Medicine

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