Matteo Magnani on forging the future of fragrance

Season 2, Episode 10,   Mar 03, 12:06 PM

Scent is set to change the nature of health, wellbeing and self-care, according to Firmenich’s chief consumer and innovation officer Matteo Magnani, who speaks to The Future Laboratory’s co-founder Martin Raymond in this episode of the Back To The F**kture podcast.

Matteo Magnani and his team are exploring how we can potentially enrich our presence in the metaverse via scent, use fragrance in more programmable ways in our public spaces and retail outlets, or shift the value and presence of scent marketing itself away from using the Hollywood icon or wafting beach body model, to smelling the moment – of love pleasure, happiness, self-care – rather than showing it.

In this episode, we discuss all things sensorial, delving into the new ways for fragrance to be used and perceived. Tune in to learn more.