OR 15 - Lilith and Ian Stoops

Mar 08, 2023, 09:00 PM

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Order of Battle Podcast special episode Operation Recall - Lilith

Back in December, Jason and Ian Stoops sat down to discuss a 60’s Joe scar totting paratrooper named Lilith. She was wave 4 figure 3 in the Operation Recall campaign and funded during the initial phase over the summer. Ian’s on the younger side of our community but with no Dark Age, he’s been collecting since playing. 

He and Jason talk about being a broad collector of GIJoe, 1964 to current and the Action Man line. The genesis of Lilith (pun intended) and several details that he imbued her with and hopes shine through in the final product. There’s a lot of fun to Ian’s concepts and he is actively writing fanfic for the whole Operation Recall team while waiting to see what Larry and crew come up with!

The Operation Recall project has had several major updates since this conversation and hopefully we’ll all hear more from Ian before it’s all over. Remember also that the Pre-order and Backerkit of Operation Recall is extended until September, on Ron Rudat’s birthday. 

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