Top Skincare Necessities for Women During Your 20's , 30's ,50's , Pregnancy, And Perimenopause

Episode 506,   Mar 15, 02:57 AM

Skincare during pregnancy, acne in adolescence, and busy mom skin! I believe that you need to take care of your skin differently at each stage in your life! It’s important to know and understand your skin, and its needs, as you go through changes at different points in your life! Did you know that during pregnancy it is important to stay away from topical and oral retinoids? In today’s podcast I  using Vitamin C for dark spots and Glycolic Acid to prevent breakouts and dullness! Listen in to today’s podcast for more tips and tricks for mom’s and all women to keep your skin the healthiest it could be! Have a request or suggestion for my next podcast? Send me a DM or email

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