Wussy-Wussy & Me

Season 1, Episode 2,   May 05, 2023, 12:16 PM

Have I told you about my friend
Wussy-Wussy our pussy cat?
We love playing outside together
And running around out the back.
Mummy says I gave her that name
When I was small
When I was a baby
And Wussy-Wussy a fury ball.

She doesn’t say too much
She leaves the talking to me
But we’re best friends
Wussy-Wussy and me.
When I woke up this morning
It was a lovely sunny day
Wussy-Wussy was waiting
What was she trying to say?

She looked at me
With her head turned to one side
I know she was saying
“Come on, let’s play outside!”
I ran upstairs
And got dressed in a hurry
I put on my old clothes
In case I got muddy.

Then I hurried back down
Went out the front door
There was Wussy-Wussy
Running round the front lawn.
She ran over to me
And I stroked her head
You must always be gentle with animals
That’s what Mummy said.

I like to watch the birds
Flying from tree to tree
So I walked around to the back of our house
With Wussy following me.
We have trees in our back garden
And tall hedges around the sides
The grass is very high in here
It’s a great place to hide.

I climb onto a branch
I’m on a ship out at sea
We’re the baddest pirates
Wussy-Wussy and me.
The branch is swaying
The sea is getting rough
There’s a ship up ahead
They might have treasure and stuff!

The waves are getting higher now
I’m covered in spray
We race through the sea
Don’t let them get away
Bang!! Our mast breaks in half
Now we can only go slow
They were lucky this time
We’ll have to let them go.

The sea is calm now
The wind has died down
But our mast is broken
We have to turn around
Other pirates keep away
They don’t like us very much
We have to row ashore now
I think it’s time for lunch.

I wonder what pirates eat
When they’re resting on the sand
Do they drink milk from coconuts
And eat stale bread and jam?
I’ll eat my lunch really quick
And tell Mummy about out pirate game
Then I’ll run outside as fast as I can
And climb up the tree again.

“Don’t frighten the birds up in the trees”, Mummy said,
“They are much smaller than you”.
But I’m only having fun
And Wussy loves to chase them, too
Later a bird landed on the branch
Of a tree nearby
It flew so close to me
I got a big big fright.

Wussy wasn’t frightened, she crept up the tree
Oh no! She’s starting to fall!
But as she fell down she turned around
And landed on her paws
I know if I fell out of a tree
I wouldn’t land on my feet
I would fall through the air
And land in a heap.

I’d go crying to Mummy
Telling her my knee was sore
Wussy-Wussy didn’t cry
She wanted to climb some more.
So, digging her claws in deep
She tried again
Climbing up higher this time
But then…

The bird saw her and flew up to the sky
Then looked down at Wussy, saying
“If you want to catch me
You’ll have to learn to fly!”
Come down now Wussy
It’s time for a rest
We’ll leave the birds now
Leave them safe in their nests.

I can hear Mummy calling
It’s time to go inside
I’m feeling hungry now
I’m glad it’s dinner time.
Come on Wussy-Wussy
I’ll pour some milk for you
And put meat in your bowl
I know you like that too.

My dinner is on the table
I must wash my hands real quick
Pussy cats don’t like water
They just give their paws a lick.
After I ate all my dinner
I watched cartoons on T.V.
I didn’t see too many though
I was starting to fall asleep.

Mummy I’m tired now
Will you read me a story?
We’ve had great fun today
Wussy-Wussy and me
We ran around outside
Played pirates up a tree
I wonder if Wussy-Wussy is tired now
And feels sleepy, like me.