The Reset Rebel meets Flamenco dancer and singer and songwriter Leilah Broukhim

Episode 165,   May 08, 2023, 04:00 AM

Sandy toes are the order of the day as we meet Sephardic Persian flamenco dancer Leilah Broukhim in today´s episode on the shores of Es Figueral.

Born in New York Leilah has been based in Spain since 2000 and began her Flamenco dance formation with respected New York-based professors who gave her the necessary foundation to follow her growth in Spain.

In Madrid, she continued her studies at the renowned dance academy Amor de Dios under great masters of flamenco, including Maria Magdalena, Manuel Reyes, Rafaela Carrasco and José Maya, while completing her knowledge of flamenco in Seville with the Farrucos.

From Flamenco came Leilah´s first forray into learning spanish Flamenco guitar in exchange for english lessons and as her confidence grew so did her songwriting.

Her first song was about an Ex Love and from there five tracks created her very first EP which landed late last year in November.

The Curve was celebrated and initially launched in Madrid but this Sunday, Ibiza will have the pleasure of experienced round two at Can Cacao.

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