Cilla My Gorilla

Season 1, Episode 4,   May 12, 2023, 01:00 PM

My sister Mary, and I
sleep in the same room
She has a teddy bear
And I have a teddy gorilla

Mary is only a baby
She’s not as big as me
I am nearly five years old
But Mary’s only three

Mary’s teddy bear is tiny
It really is quite small
He is always smiling
I don’t like teddy bears at all

I like big teddys
Mummy got me a gorilla
I wanted a nice name for her
So I called my teddy Cilla

Cilla has big brown eyes
And a little flat nose
She has lots of furry hair
From her head down to her toes

Do Teddys come alive at night
Running around having fun?
I don’t think Cilla would
She’d just sit there on her bum

No, I’ve changed my mind
That really wasn’t fair
I’m sure Cilla would love to play outside
With all the teddy bears

Imagine if they come alive
As soon as we fall asleep
They’d go racing down the stairs
To meet their friends from down the street

Laughing, talking, holding hands
Singing with all their might
Teddys having lots of fun
Dancing through the night

But now they’re getting tired
They’re running out of puff
Teddys must go home
Before the sun comes up

Maybe that’s why Cilla looks tired
Sitting on my bed
At night while everyone is sleeping
Cilla is out dancing instead

Once when it was raining
We went upstairs to play
I pretended to cook the dinner
And feed the teddys that day

Oh what a mess we made
It really was so funny
Everytime I fed Cilla
The food fell down over her tummy

Bits of popcorn in her hair
Sticky sweets stuck to her face
Mummy will be angry
There was food all over the place

Mummy called out to us
“What are you girls doing up there?”
“Its alright Mummy” I said
We’re playing with our teddy bears

Then Mummy crept up the stairs
And poked her head around the door
“Oh my goodness what have you done
Look at the food all over the floor!”

I know Mummy
Cilla is a messy eater
But I had so much fun
Trying to feed her

When my friends come to our house
They all want to play with Cilla
They want to take her home
But Cilla is my gorilla

Cilla loves to lie on my bed
And cuddle up with me
After Mummy reads us a story
We close our eyes and fall asleep