Having the courage to test life’s limits and learn, with Tanya Sarne OBE, founder of Ghost

May 15, 02:00 AM

If anybody embodies the spirit of a certain era of British fashion, it is Tanya Sarne OBE, founder of the iconic fashion label, Ghost.

In this episode, Tanya shares her extraordinary life story, from her humble beginnings as a child born in the war to refugee parents, to travelling all over the world. Her journey had many remarkable moments along the way — moments she generously shares openly from the heart, with no holds barred.

Tanya speaks about her time spent struggling as a single mum until her label redefined fashion and became a global success, all whilst coping with an addiction that took hold for 24 years. 

By her own admission, Tanya has led a very colourful life, one that is so jam-packed with stories you’ll wonder how she managed to fit it all in. At the epicentre of the Swinging Sixties in London, Tanya’s story is one interwoven with fashion, glamour, famous friends and travel.

It is also a tale of talent, hard work, strength and utter resilience — and of a free spirit that remains totally, majestically undimmed.

This conversation touches on some adult themes, not suitable for little ears. 

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