Season 1, Episode 7,   Jun 02, 2023, 11:30 AM


Let’s talk about Grandads.
Is your Grandad like mine?
He has white hair, he’s very old
And he reads us nursery rhymes.

When he comes to mind us
My two brothers and me
He always asks,
“How do you turn on the T.V.?”

Then we flick through the channels
For his favourite show
We have to do it for him
‘Cause he doesn’t know.

Grandads know nothing
About computers and phones
I wonder what happens when
They’re at home on their own?

If Mummy’s computer won’t work
I ask Grandad, “How do I make it go?”
He looks at me and says,
“I’m sorry, I don’t know!”

Even my little brother
Can run his finger across the screen,
Turn on the computer
And watch cartoons with me.

You can’t play games on Grandad’s phone
It’s old and very small.
You can’t even take photos
But he doesn’t care at all.

Grandad said “I don’t want a new phone,
I don’t want one like that
I just want a phone so I can ring my friends
And they can ring me back.”

I also use Mummy’s small computer
To watch cartoons and play games
My baby brother watches me
One day he’ll do the same.

My big brother
Showed me what to do
So I’ll teach my baby brother
And I’ll teach my Grandad, too.