90. Josh Blaylock and After Action Report at JoeFest 2023

Episode 90,   Jun 14, 2023, 11:22 PM

GI Joe

Order of Battle Podcast episode 90

Josh Blaylock joined Roger and Josh of After Action Report at JoeFest 2023! It was his first time at a Joe specific show since approximately 2008. Roger, Josh, and Josh Blaylock all took time to sit down with Jason and record the traditional JoeFest/AAR conversation. 

Josh Blaylock is the founder of Devil’s Due Publishing. He brought the GIJoe comic back in the early 2000’s, including a Larry Hama title. His work helped continue the first generation of GIJoe comic kids, of which he was one, and introduce GIJoe to a new generation. It was a joy for Jason to meet him and for everyone at JoeFest to see him back in the community.

Roger and Josh had a lot to celebrate. Command Files was released from Kickstarter purgatory and funded! They are already working on the International and Merchandise issues. And the Newsstand Edition of After Action Report vol 1 kickstarter is already funded but still has 23 days left to go.

The boys all recorded in an out of the way hallway and outside by the pool before heading back in to be social until 3 in the morning. JoeFest is just like that. 

Back After Action Report Newsstand Edition, and go to their website if you haven’t picked up a copy of After Action Report vol 2: https://afteractionreport.net/

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