Rebecca Maxwell: Two.One.Thrift; Hand-Written Letters, Talking to Anyone, & "The Girls Room"

Season 3, Episode 41,   Jun 24, 2023, 03:47 AM

In episode 41 of the Chats with Clark Podcast, Rebecca Maxwell joins the show and opens up about how, as a child, she dreamed of living in Downtown Cleveland. Fast forward to present day, and Rebecca has not only been living downtown for the past several years, but also bartending at one of the hottest bars in Cleveland. Becoming a renowned bartender, both locally and beyond via social media, Maxwell has embodied the fact that she truly can talk to anyone, evident to Maxwell since she was a kid. Aside from her work behind the bar, Maxwell runs an innovative clothing brand called Two.One.Thrift, which focuses on sports apparel for women. Further, Maxwell has recently started a group called "The Girls Room," an organization that aims to provide the opportunity for young women to develop meaningful relationships and friendships through events that highlight overall wellbeing of mind, body, & spirit.

Tune in to episode 41 to hear stories of tremendous discipline and ongoing creativity, rooted in a deep desire to bring people together.

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