Teaching on Purpose with Sheena Stanciel from Up Next Nurse!

Season 4, Episode 2,   Jul 19, 2023, 12:00 PM

Teaching on Purpose!

On today's episode I had an honest and hilarious conversation with guest Sheena Stanciel MSN/Ed, RN, PCCN, CCRN, CNEc from Up Next Nurse Podcast!

Sheena Stanciel, RN is a nurse with over a decade of experience. Currently working and teaching in Academia in Houston, Texas.

Her insights on how teaching became her passion and purpose despite the misguided advice in her student nursing journey is inspiring.

Speaking with her I learned all about the self belief needed to face uncertain times as a Nurse and the self care that has grounded her in this journey! 

Nurses can do anything but when you are confused about your journey, developing unmoveable grit and determination and continuing to preserve will help you reach the next level.

This conversation is sure to leave you inspired and motivated for whatever is next in your Nursing journey! Believe that the work you are doing now is preparation for what is to come next so enjoy the ride along the way and be kind to yourself in your process! 

You deserve it Nurse! 

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