Empowered Purpose! Interview with Rama Walker MBA, BSN, RN CNO/COO- Nurseify

Season 4, Episode 5,   Aug 12, 2023, 07:43 PM

Do you always feel empowered in your Nursing Purpose? 

In this week's Episode of the You Glow Nurse Podcast, I had the opportunity of speaking with fellow Alumni Nurse about Empowered Purpose.

What does it mean to be empowered in your purpose ?! 

As Rama, shares not all areas of life will feel empowered at all times 
It’s levels to this growth but with the attitude and mindset of self awareness, flexibility and grace you can adapt with whatever life throws you.

Busy High Achieving Nurses this episode is for you! 

Hang up your super hero cape and diving into this full self care experience with Rama Walker MBA, BSN, RN, CNO/COO- Nurseify! 

Nurses do it all but do we really have to?!! Elevate your self care today.

Find out more about Rama here ! 

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