The Entrepreneur with Anorexia

Episode 2,   Aug 28, 03:00 PM

Meet the founder of Eve’s Original Sin Cookies. Her business is based on the idea that indulging in a cookie should be an all-around experience. From picking the flavors in the cookie to sitting down and enjoying a freshly baked custom cookie, food creativity should be different for each person. 

Behind her vision for her business is her past history of Anorexia Nervosa. She struggled with it for years, starting in high school, and she still struggles with it to this day. Creating her business has helped her heal her relationship with food, though she's still healing each and every day. 

She found that being able to be creative with what she was making made it easier to eat it. That’s what she wants for her customers—to experience food freedom, because food restriction is no way to live. 

Eve Welhener is a current student at Cedarville University majoring in business management with a minor in entrepreneurship. She is passionate about spreading the excitement of entrepreneurship which is why she helped found The Startup Society: Cedarville University’s first entrepreneurship club.

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