Navigating Life's Ups And Downs From A Regulated Place

Episode 70,   Sep 04, 2023, 06:00 AM

In today's episode I talk about a big piece of the work I do with women and people with menstrual cycles, which is learning to regulate your nervous system through life's ups and downs. This topic is important because the reality is that life is always going to have high and low points and while we can't control what happens, I believe we can learn to navigate these challenges from a regulated place. If you struggle to stay regulated through life's difficult moments, I encourage you to have a listen.

Here's what I cover:
  • The loss of Sinead O'Connor
  • A quick cycle check-in
  • A funny personal anecdote
  • What regulation means
  • The social-cultural "soup" we live in and how to care for ourselves and hold our boundaries within it
  • Practical tips for when you're wanting to improve your ability to navigate life's ups and downs from a more regulated place (see the list below)
  • Finding pockets of joy and tapping into your own humanity

  1. Get support
  2. Have practices in place to support your mind and body 
  3. Pause and check in with yourself 
  4. Be aware of any pressures or expectations you're putting on yourself
  5. Human being, human feelings
  6. Find the next best feeling 
  7. Climb your polyvagal/nervous system ladder
  8. Self trust
  9. Know your needs and know what helps
  10. Lean into spirituality and trusting something greater for yourself 


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