Managing Successful Teams in a Hybrid World

Sep 14, 2023, 02:32 PM

The rise of remote work and hybrid teams has brought new opportunities and challenges for managers everywhere. To unlock potential in today’s workplace, managers should view the office as an essential tool within their management toolkit, facilitating collaboration, innovation, and alignment among team members.

Join host Michael Creamer and Bella Vuillermoz, Strategic Advisor and Non-Executive Director as they discover the importance of equipping managers with the knowledge and skills required to lead hybrid teams effectively. Bella is an experienced senior leader with 25 years’ experience in strategy, communications, D&I, commercial and operational areas, having worked at two FTSE100 companies.

They discuss:

[3:49] - Ways to improve the performance of already successful real estate teams
[7:17] - How to define the purpose of a team
[11:14] - The role of culture for real estate executives and teams
[14:31] - Reverting to pre-pandemic office practices out of convenience
[20:24] - Laying down the rules
[24:12] - Reasons for the office