Nurses who Heal! with The Nurse Healer Mykesha Mack

Season 4, Episode 11,   Sep 28, 2023, 11:59 PM

Have you felt more irritable lately? Difficulty making decisions about your work?
Have you felt intimidated or honestly too scared to reach out to Doctors or healthcare professionals about your concerns?

These can all be signs of further healing that is needed. And that's ok. It's important to take the time to address these feelings and take steps towards healing. 
In today's podcast episode, The Nurse Healer is sharing more about her passion for nurse breakthroughs!

Yes, Nurses need healing too!
And its ok that we take ownership of the necessity of growth and development.
We can still be on a well being journey as we continue to help and serve our patients.

In fact, it's to our patients overall benefit that we do the healing that is needed so we can continue to do the work we are called to!  Taking ownership of our own growth allows us to be more creative, innovative, and productive in our work. It also helps us to stay focused and motivated to continue our journey. 
As the most trusted profession Nurses are seen as advocates and voices for fair and just care! And we should be vigilant about protecting our tools of the trade, everyday. 

Taking ownership of our own growth not only helps us in our careers, but also in our lives. 
We should take the necessary steps to take care of ourselves and ensure our wellbeing. This includes setting boundaries, making time for hobbies, and seeking help when needed.

Join us in another self care conversation with Mykesha Mack also known as The Nurse Healer!

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"Nurses belong everywhere where decisions about people are being made."

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