The Good Glow - Tahlie's Story (Georgie and Jamie)

Season 14, Episode 10,   Sep 30, 11:00 PM

Today, I am joined by my husband Jamie as we tell you all about our surrogacy journey in Georgia and the arrival of our daughter Tahlie. 
‘Hi, my name is Tahlie. I was created 6 years ago and born on Monday. I was made when my mum got sick and I was frozen. I travelled to London for some tests then I came back home to Dublin for a few years. In 2021 I went to Ukraine but sadly a war broke out and I was rescued by an amazing man, put into his car, and driven to Slovakia. I spent some time in Bratislava and then I went back to Kiev. I went back to Bratislava for a while before taking a train to Berlin. From there I got another train to Paris and then I flew to Turkey, finally I landed in Tbilisi, Georgia where I was carried by an amazing lady for 9 months until I was born on Monday morning. My name is Native American and it means “Leaping Water”. | have leaped many seas, rivers and lakes to be here and I am 2 days old. My mum, dad and big sister Pia love me so much. My name is Tahlie Crawford, I am a miracle.’

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