Brian Sauer and Assembly Required 2023!

Episode 100,   Oct 05, 12:00 AM

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Order of Battle Podcast episode 100

If you ever get a chance to sit down with Brian Sauer and talk about GIJoe, art, conventions, and making things, you should definitely take the time. Brian has again joined Jason and Joel to talk about the upcoming Assembly Required, the Des Moines, Iowa based GIJoe convention in early November. 

This is their 12th year and again it is a show that Jason heavily recommends! 

Josh Blaylock is the main guest, but there’s also several of our community’s favorite creator teams, a gaming team that will teach the GIJoe RPG and card game, raffles, and more. This is a show that is designed from the ground up with a theme and storyline. 

Head to to pick up tickets to Friday Group Dinner, buy a GEAR kit, grab t-shirts, and more! 

Jason and Joel will be in Des Moines for the show. You should too! 

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