The Shell of Sense by Olivia Howard Dunbar

Episode 4,   Oct 07, 2023, 08:25 AM

In this episode, we'll immerse ourselves in Olivia Howard Dunbar's evocative work, "The Shell of Sense," a tale that explores themes of the supernatural, love, and the afterlife. Let’s travel beyond the veil…

Olivia Howard Dunbar's hope for a revitalization of supernatural fiction was realized decades after her article appeared, as a number of writers—many of them women—published stories featuring phantoms of various kinds. She herself contributed to that renaissance, writing several psychological ghost stories that also display her interest in marriage and women’s lives. 

Places to Learn More About the Author
Looking for more on Olivia Howard Dunbar’s life and literary contributions? Here are four excellent resources to explore:
  1. See the place she wrote! Dunbar was a frequent Fellow at MacDowell, residing at this artist retreat over a dozen times between 1914 and 1952. 
  2. The Library of America has a great profile page regarding Dunbar and this story.
  3. During her reporting days, Olivia Howard Dunbar then with the New York Evening News interviewed Mother Jones for the Hellraisers Journal, a pro-labor publication of the time. Dunbar was a well-known Suffragist as well.
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