Sarah Wilson on 'Giving a f**k'

Season 2, Episode 20,   Oct 12, 2023, 03:00 PM

Life is f**ked – then you make it happen. And this epithet seems to embody the life of Australian author, broadcaster and entrepreneur, Sarah Wilson.

Not that her life has been fu**ed –if anything, the opposite is very much the case - but that her journey through it is a constant reminder to us all that when the chips are down the only person who can save the game is you. With, of course, a little help from your friends – and in Sarah’s case we’re talking the Dalai Lama, Michelle Obama, and Beyonce – and yes, you can imagine who I was most impressed with – Beyonce. 

 In her latest book, 'This One Wild and Precious Life', we encounter many such friends and experts, a thousand of them to precise, and all helping Sarah - and us, as it turns out, to do one thing – make a meaningful life happen. Spiritually, physically, but crucially in terms of how we build up our resilience to the many slings and harrowing moments life itself can throw at us. 

But harrowing in Sarah’s case doesn’t mean failure, in the Noughties she was at the top of her game, everybody’s game for that matter. She had been hallowed editor of Australian Cosmopolitan, went on to present Masterchef Australia,  launched one of the best food-addict platforms ever, I Quit Sugar, wrote a best-selling book about depression, First We Make the Beast Beautiful, and then, in 2018, as the anxiety and depression she describes in her book took hold, she ‘sold her company, donated the proceeds to charity, packed a rucksack and set out on a three year global journey or reflection, discovery, resilience, and looking to nature,’ as a way to reboot and mend her soul.

Tune in to hear more from Sarah as she shares wisdom and insight on this episode.