Taoist Healing Practices With Máire Ní G

Episode 73,   Oct 16, 2023, 06:00 AM

In today's episode I had a lovely chat with Taoist instructor Máire Ní G. Having been a student of Máire's courses, I'm excited to share this conversation on the many benefits of Taoist healing practices. This episode will serve those on a healing journey with their menstrual cycle, sexuality, nervous system or any of the other topics we discuss on this podcast. 

Máire Ní G is a Taoist instructor with a health science degree and the founder of Feminine Sexual Alchemy. She has a postgrad diploma in bereavement and loss and postgrad training in Polyvagal Theory. She helps women have more energy, improve their cycles and have better sex through Taoist practices and the latest in neuroscience. 

We talked about:
  • What Máire does (Inner Alchemy Taoism) and how she arrived to her work
  • "The way of nature" in Taoism
  • Similarities in the Taoist and Celtic calendars 
  • Overworking as it relates to the libido and energy 
  • Relinquishing control and allowing nature to do its thing 
  • A practical tip on fostering a connection with one's inner universe and relationship with organs
  • How Taoist practices can be used to harness sexual energy to improve individual experiences of the menstrual cycle as well as minimize energy depletion
  • The benefits of breast massage as a daily practice 

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