"Long Distance" Love Story: Linda finds love with Brett through a Facebook Group (and they're in their 50s)

Episode 109,   Nov 13, 2023, 01:30 AM

"Long Distance" Love Story:  Linda finds love with Brett through a Facebook Group (and they're in their 50s)

Listen to this week's inspiring Smart Dating love story with our client Linda, a physician from Chicago.   Linda had some fears, and a self-proclaimedly "bad picker."  She got married in her 40s (red flags in his online profile even back then).  As her light started to dim in her marriage, she played smaller and smaller while his behavior got worse and worse.  One day, she came home to a letter from his mistress attached to her windshield wiper.   She didn't want to get divorced, until a divorce attorney said, "I've seen this movie thousands of times."  She filed, got divorced, and her light started to shine brightly again.  As she said, "I became fabulous again."  When she attended a med school reunion, a friend of hers suggested Smart Dating Academy.  She went through our process, and learned to how 'pick' High GHQ guys, and MET HER GUY BRETT IN A FACEBOOK GROUP!   We teach people how to use all 3 'levers' to meet people -- online dating, meeting people in real life, and getting friends to 'fix you up.'   Her friend Sara Jane sent a DM to "Brett the Vet" on behalf of Linda, and the rest has been history.   They have made a long distance relationship work, and are so in love, Smart Dating style (with good coaching helping to keep it on track).  Listen to this episode, and Linda will capture your heart, and inspire you that love can come from ANYWHERE, even a professional Facebook group, and can thrive across state lines!!   

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