Attorney Neama Rahmani Weighs In On Delphi Judge Gull's Closed Door Firing Of Richard Allen's Attorneys

Nov 28, 2023, 12:00 AM

In the labyrinth of the Delphi murder case, a new revelation has emerged, shedding light on the controversial actions of Judge Gull in the dismissal of Richard Allen's attorneys, Bradley Rozzi and Andrew Baldwin. Former federal prosecutor and attorney Neama Rahmani weighed in on this development during a recent episode of the podcast "Hidden Killers" with Tony Brueski, offering a critical perspective on the judicial decisions that have marred the case.
 The podcast unveiled a document outlining the conversation between Judge Gull and Allen's attorneys, which Rahmani scrutinized closely. His conclusion? Disagreement with Judge Gull's approach. "When the court of appeal asks for it, you better turn it over. That's a higher judge," Rahmani emphasized, questioning the rationale behind keeping such proceedings a secret.
 Rahmani dissected the issue at the core of Judge Gull's decision – the alleged gross negligence of Allen's attorneys. Without an evidentiary hearing or clear-cut proof, the former prosecutor found the judge's declaration of gross negligence inappropriate. "She's not the finder of fact here," Rahmani asserted, suggesting that the issue in the case should have been the potential conflict of interest, not negligence.
 The conversation took a turn towards Allen's perspective, contemplating his best course of action. Rahmani offered a strategic approach: "If I'm Richard Allen and I really want these two lawyers, this is what I say." He advocated for Allen to make a knowing and voluntary waiver of any potential conflict in open court, effectively choosing the attorney he trusts despite any alleged conflicts.
 Rahmani's insight didn't stop there. He addressed the elephant in the room – whether Judge Gull should recuse herself given the convoluted nature of the case. His view? Judges make mistakes, and reversals on appeal are part of the judicial process. "I don’t think a judge necessarily needs to get off the case just because they made a wrong ruling," he said, implying that the appellate courts' role is to correct such errors.
 As the Delphi murder case continues to unravel, the question of justice for Richard Allen remains in the balance. The conversation with Rahmani highlights the complexities of the legal system, where judicial decisions can have far-reaching implications on the rights of the accused and the pursuit of justice.
 As the case progresses, one can't help but wonder: Will Richard Allen’s right to a fair trial be upheld in the face of judicial discrepancies? And how will the decisions made today shape the future of justice in high-profile cases like the Delphi murders?
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