Insider's Secrets to Dating Success - Part 2

Episode 111,   Nov 27, 2023, 01:30 AM

Part 2 of this episode is amazing!  Bela and Lindsay of Smart Dating Academy are back, discussing MORE secrets that have made their clients successful in finding love!   Here are some nuggets you'll hear:

Where there is smoke, there is fire - Most of my divorced clients can point to something very specific early on that indicated something wasn’t right.

People make time for things they want! There is no such thing as being “too busy” when someone is ready to date. They will ALWAYS make time. Even if it’s just for a quick cup of coffee. The busier someone is and the less they prioritize you is a sign that their “taxi light is not on”….they aren’t ready.  

Believe that you are a catch and act like one! He or she is lucky to meet you and they will earn you. Create an identity around dating.
Everyone is afraid of rejection. You are afraid. They are afraid. It’s neutralized.

What you think about dating decides your outcome! Mindset is everything! Our positive clients who embrace dating (even when it is DRY AS A DESERT) find love because they never give up. Our clients who decide they hate it…usually don’t.

What can you do to become psychotically optimistic???  

Old trauma often shows up in new relationships.
·       Pay attention to what people tell you in the beginning. 
·       Past trauma has a big impact on ability to find love without therapy
·       Know their triggers so you can avoid them in a relationship. Clarify if you might have misinterpreted something. 

Never assume! Just ask. Don’t make assumptions…ask.   Clearly define the relationship and you won’t be surprised down the road

Sex changes everything, and how to have the best sex of your life 

The people around you shape who you are! You are the combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with! When it comes to finding love, make sure you share what’s going on with people who are encouraging and supportive. Like us….ahh!

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