"Happy Face Killer" Offers Advice to Accused Gilgo Beach Serial Killer

Nov 28, 2023, 11:00 AM

Keith Jesperson, the notorious "Happy Face Killer" who is serving multiple life sentences for the murders of eight women, has reportedly been corresponding with Rex Heuermann, a man accused of being the Gilgo Beach Killer. The two men are currently incarcerated, and Jesperson has been offering Heuermann advice on how to handle his case.
According to the Daily Mail, which obtained some of the correspondence, Jesperson has been urging Heuermann to confess to the murders of three sex workers. Jesperson believes this would be the best course of action for Heuermann, as it would allow him to avoid a trial and the media attention that would come with it. Keith Jesperson, a convicted serial killer who is serving multiple life sentences in prison, has been corresponding with Rex Heuermann, a man accused of being the Gilgo Beach Killer.  Jesperson has been advising Heuermann on how to handle his case, suggesting that he confess to the murders and avoid a trial.
In a letter to Heuermann, Jesperson wrote, "The message I'm sending him is to own it." He also said that Heuermann should confess to avoid the spectacle of a trial and to try to get to prison quickly, where conditions would be better than in jail.
Heuermann thanked Jesperson for his advice and said he is considering it. "I do understand what you have said and taken it to heart," Heuermann wrote back.
In addition to advising Heuermann on how to handle his case, Jesperson has also been offering him insights into life in prison. He has told Heuermann that prison food is better than jail food, and he has also offered to provide Heuermann with other information about prison life.
Heuermann has expressed his gratitude to Jesperson for his help. "They have been a help and comfort to me," Heuermann wrote in one letter.
It is still unclear whether or not Heuermann will follow Jesperson's advice and confess to the murders. However, Jesperson's correspondence with Heuermann is sure to raise questions about the relationship between serial killers and the justice system.
Heuermann is currently awaiting trial for the murders of three sex workers. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges, but Jesperson believes he should be honest about what he did.  Only time will tell what the outcome of Heuermann's case will be. However, Jesperson's advice has made an impact on Heuermann, and it is possible that it could ultimately influence his decision-making process.

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