193: Jamie Grant, Founder of Carv - 'The Digital Ski Coach'

Dec 01, 2023, 11:12 AM

A special interview with Jamie Grant - the founder of a great British skiing success story: the Carv device.

We discuss how Jamie took his original idea of a ‘digital ski coach’ via China, some help from Dave Ryding and a record Kickstarter campaign to an award-winning multi-million dollar business with a database of over 340 million turns.

And it all started with a poster on a wall in Imperial College asking for help with coding...

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Iain interviewed Tony McWilliam, founder of Faction Skis
Iain interviewed Jim Adlington, founder of Planks Clothing
Iain reviewed the Carv in Episode 171
Carv has over 20,000 members across 58 countries (0:40)
Jamie was studying for a PhD at Imperial PhD (3:00)
Only 8% of skiers take a lesson in any year (6:00)
The first version of Carv was trialled with students on Varsity ski trip (8:00)
In 2015 Jamie moved to China to join an incubator fund (11:00)
Dave Ryding helped test the prototype (12:45)
The 2016 Carv Kickstarter was the biggest in sports to date, raising US$275,000 (16:00)
Carv was awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade in 2021 (17:45)
The Carv insole uses a magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope and over 30 pressure sensors, measuring data 20 times per second (20:00)
Iain had custom insoles and the Carv fitted at the same time at Profeet in Fulham, London in Episode 161 (22:00)
Metrics recorded include Edge Similarity, Pressure Smoothness and Edge Angle (24:45)
Carv has a database of 348 million turns to work with (26:45)
The gamification means you can look at the Leaderboard at any time (28:00)
The Carv costs £200 for the hardware and then £179pa subscription
David Lindsay in Episode 190 spoke of using the Carv in his Masterclasses (33:30)
Off-piste measurement is coming to the Carv this winter (36:00)


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