Your 2023 Personal And Professional Reflection Exercise

Episode 77,   Dec 20, 2023, 08:00 AM

In this episode I share a simple and enjoyable reflection exercise for your personal life and professional life in 2023 to get you clear for the year ahead.

This reflective exercise contains 15 short questions that take you on a journey to clarity and celebration.

This exercise is for people in employment, people in business, stay at home parents, and people with side businesses. The reflection will help you to identify wins, areas for development, and clarity for your direction for the year 2024 to come.

The 2023 Reflective Headings:

1. Personal wins / personal progress
2. Areas for improvement in your personal life
3. Work wins and celebrations
4. What have I learned in work?
5. What do you want for your life and work in 2024?
6. What is there to celebrate?
7. Areas for improvement in work for 2024
8. What supported me in 2023?
9. What energised me?
10. What drained me or what took energy away?
11. Skills and priorities for 2024
12. Supports needed for 2024 (personal and professional)
13. What what I not be seeing?
14. 2023 was about...
15. 2024 will be about...
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