How Laura found love on with Doug!

Episode 114,   Dec 18, 2023, 01:30 AM

Everyone's favorite segments are the love stories!   Dr. Laura, a physician in Chicago, found love online at 49 years old!    She had never been married, had a great career, and suffered from a bad picker.  Laura said to herself, "If I can do an Ironman, I can find my soulmate!"   Laura heard an interview with Bela, and she reached out to find her soulmate!  That action changed the course of everything, and helped her find her amazing FBI agent husband, Doug!   You'll hear:

  • How Laura went through some cruel times in school because of a birthmark
  • How her 'bad picker' started back in high school (crushed hard on gay guys - didn't know they were gay)!
  • How she started falling for emotionally unavailable ones in her 20s (starving artists, long-distance, and more)
  • This continued on well into her 40s, while her career was booming and she became a full fledged Iron Man triathlete!
  • She heard Bela interviewed by Arielle Ford, and reached out to Bela
  • What the key things Smart Dating Academy (SDA) did to FIX HER PICKER!
  • How her "last first date" happened with Doug, who was an FBI agent that had adopted three daughters from China!
  • How she knew, finally that Doug was the ONE!!   (it's Bela's favorite word about relationships - spoiler alert)
  • How they got married at a ceremony at her house and are living happily ever after!
It's Peak Dating Season, and the perfect time for YOU to start YOUR new plan to find love!   If Laura can do an Ironman AND find her SOULMATE, so can YOU!!    Schedule your 1:1 session with us today to "be like Laura" and make 2024 the year that changes EVERYTHING!

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