How to Make 2024 your Most Fabulous & Sexiest Year!

Episode 117,   Jan 08, 01:30 AM

JJ Virgin
Fitness Hall of Famer
Nutrition expert
Aging powerfully
Aging gracefully
Body composition
Tracking health
Lifting heavy
Fitness inspiration
Healthy aging
Age-defying tips
Wellness conversation
New year kickstart
Ageless living
Health and fitness advice

JJ Virgin, Fitness Hall of Famer, triple-board certified nutrition expert and TV personality, has an amazing conversation with Bela about aging powerfully and sexily at ALL ages!   JJ is 60, and you'd think she was DECADES younger while looking at her.  She explains why body composition is crucial, why tracking is good for you, lifting heavy things is "everything" and HOW to do this.   She is inspiring and will kick your new year off in an AMAZING way!!   

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