Easy Ways to Make Meaningful Friendships in Adulthood!

Episode 120,   Jan 29, 12:30 AM

This week I'm having a fun conversation with Lane Moore, who was the "sex / relationships" editor at Cosmo, is an award-winning actor, author, and comedian. Moore is most famously known as the creator and star of one of the most well-reviewed comedy shows in the world, Tinder Live, where she projects her dating app onto a screen, swipes through profiles live on stage, and the audience votes whether she swipes right or left, to cathartic, hilarious, and surprisingly kind results. 

We talk about:
  • Fun moments on her Tinder Live shows 

  • Her books "How to be Alone" (and it starts with accepting who we are and what we need) and "How to Find Your People" 

  •  What self-love and self-worth really means (I love her defintion) 

  • How a pet can help you feel healthy, happy, and unconditional love and heal from heartbreak

  • How to form authentic adult friendships 

  • Different attachment styles and what they mean in friendships 

  • Friend breakups: How to know when to leave and how to do it 

  • The ONLY time ghosting is ok 

  • What being vulnerable REALLY means
You don't want to miss this high energy episode filled with awesome advice on how to find YOUR people.

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