198: Skiing to the South Pole, Les 2 Alpes Marathon & 2024 Ski Test Update

Jan 25, 05:15 PM

We discover what it’s like skiing to the South Pole, Iain takes the train to Les 2 Alpes to run a marathon on snow and Al updates us from the SIGB Ski Test in La Clusaz.

Iain was joined by Preet Chandi - the world’s fastest woman to complete a solo unsupported ski expedition to the South Pole.

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Iain gave an update on ski conditions in Les 2 Alpes (1:45)
Andy Butterworth from Kaluma Ski is in St Anton (2:30)
Betony Garner reported from La Clusaz (5:00)
Alex Irwin from 150 Days of Winter is in Courchevel (6:15)
Congratulations to Andrea Dalton who wins our competition to win stuff (7:30)
Dave Ryding (5th), Billy Major (13th) and Laurie Taylor (19th) became the first three British athletes to all finish in the top-20 of an Alpine World Cup race (7:45)
Youth Olympic Winter Games in Gangwon, Zak Carrick-Smith won gold in Alpine Combined, delivering Britain's first ever gold medal at any Olympic competition in Alpine skiing (8:00)
Jaz Taylor won back-to-back golds in Telemark Sprint World Cup competition in Carezza Dolomites (8:45)
Iain had pledged to go Flight Free in 2024 (9:15)
Watch Iain’s panel on train travel at the Birmingham Ski Show
Find out more about train travel to Les 2 Alpes via Grenoble (9:30)
Les Lumieres de la Muzelle is a marathon entirely on snow (11:15)
Katie Bamber was last on the show in Episode 172 (12:00)
Harpreet ‘Preet’ Chandi is the world’s fastest woman to complete a solo unsupported ski expedition to the South Pole (16:00)
Preet covered 1130km of Antarctic ice between 26 Nov and 28 Dec 2023 (16:30)
Preet used Alfa cross country skis and boots (17:30)
Her sled weighed around 75-80kg (22:00)
Her nutrition was provided by Base Camp Foods (25:00)
Temperatures went as low as -30C (27:30)
Preet loves her ‘pogies’ (30:00)
Al Morgan and Amy Marwick were at the SIGB Ski Test in La Clusaz (40:45)
Preet wore five layers of gloves at times! (45:00)

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