Tasha Golden and the impact of art on mental health

Season 2, Episode 24,   Jan 26, 12:41 PM

According to the World Health Organization, good health isn’t ‘merely the absence of disease’, but ‘complete physical, mental and social wellbeing’.

Dr Tasha Golden, my latest guest on Back to the F**kture, concurs.

But – given the fact that she is a poet, songwriter, performer and storyteller, as well as a public health scientist – she takes this definition a step further. 

For her, aiming for ‘complete wellbeing’ means thinking about what humans need not only to survive but to thrive, and this has always included the arts. And that’s the short version!

To explain and annotate the long one, she and her colleagues have collaborated on a hugely insightful field guide, called Arts on Prescription, which describes what arts on prescription is and why it matters, and provides the blueprint you need to follow.