Billions spent for vain politicians


The Syrian situation is worsening. Over 40,000 have fled, around 20,000 have been killed. This includes 500 children. 600 people died under torture.

There is only one answer - the overthrow of the evil regime of the dictator, President Bashar al-Aassad.

He inherited this from his father - who was even worse than he is.

The Western powers, exhausted from their interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, are little inclined to send forces in. The Arab league does nothing. Israel is understandably wary – she quite legitimately fears that the Baathist regime could be replaced by something worse.

The UN Security Council is completely impotent. Russia and China have made it clear they will veto any sanctions against the regime.

And Australia? There's not much a middle power can do. This is especially so given that the government has completely run down our defence forces.

But the government is doing something. They're pursuing their useless exercise in international vanity.

They trying to win an election to get a temporary seat on the UN Security Council.

They admit to spending about $23 million of your money for this.

They've actually spent billions. Your billions.

When our foreign ministers Kevin Rudd and Bob Carr should have been working with the Indonesians to stop people smugglers, and to keep the live cattle export trade alive, they were going round the world campaigning for this temporary seat.

We've spent billions in foreign aid to governments in parts of the world where we have few interests.

All in vain attempt to purchase votes. But it's likely that tiny Luxembourg will get the seat that where aiming for.

Luxembourg has the support of the European Union.

With virtually bottomless funds, they can easily outbid Australia.

So why is Australia engaging in this corrupt chase for a seat on the Security Council?

The Security Council is completely impotent. Unless the five great powers are unanimous it can’t act. A temporary seat is worthless. And we’re paying billions to try and get one.


It's just to feed the vanity of our politicians. Kevin Rudd wanted to strut the world stage. Now it's the former premier New South Wales Bob Carr. One of his first acts as Foreign Minister was to threaten sanctions against a friend, Papua New Guinea. It was about a purely internal Papua New Guinea question, the timing of their general election. He did this on television talking to Labour veteran Graeme Richardson.

It's about time Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd and Bob Carr stopped wasting money in these useless activities

Vanity of vanities! All is vanity.

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Jun 13, 2012, 10:53 PM
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frankclarke - over 5 years ago

The violence in Syria must be condemned. Though Assad is a tyrant, the alternative of sharia law would be worse. Al Queada is very active fomenting the civilians into their armed retaliation.Evidence. General Mood, who is investigating the massacre at Houla has, as yet, not named any particular group as responsible, we also should not be premature to condemn the Syrian Armed Forces. Russia, which has observers in Syria, recognises the the folly of pre-judging and have warned that the atrocities may have been done by 'third parties' and 'foreign interveners' and that any UN type intervention as in Lybia would result in the same situation as is in Lybia. General Mood stated that the killings had not caused Syrian tank fire, or artillery shelling, but that they were shot at close range, stabbed and hacked to pieces, (broadcast on Arab media) Frank Clarke