S6 Ep2: Adri Brownlee - Commitment to Life in the 'Death Zone'

Season 6, Episode 2,   Feb 19, 05:00 AM

Welcome back to The Mojo Podcast. 
Series 6 of the Mojo Podcast is all about Commitment. A concept that has real weight and meaning for us, as we have all committed at some point in our life and perhaps you're considering a new commitment right now. It's a deeply meaningful area and I wanted to explore it further.
So for this season I'll be talking to an amazing array of guests about what commitment means to them and how it impacts their Mojo. How it feels to truly commit to yourself, to your passion & your purpose and to see the results. 
Rather than sitting on the fence and no committing at all.

Because commitment really means choosing not to have any more choice. 

In episode 2 I meet a seriously impressive young women and the personification of commitment - Adri Brownlee - mountaineer and adventure athlete. 

Adri has summited 13 of the 14 x 8000m peaks and has achieved 2 x Guinness World Records including being the youngest woman ever to summit K2. 

Alongside climbing these epic peaks, she has also started her own Trekking and Expedition company – AGA Adventures – alongside her legendary climbing partner Gelje Sherpa.

In 2024 she hopes to complete her 14 Peaks Project and become the youngest woman ever to climb the world’s 14 x 8000m peaks and the first British woman ever to do so.

This was a highly enjoyable conversation that tracks Adri's love for the mountains back to the tender age of 8 when she pictured herself climbing Everest. The next year she became the youngest person in the UK to complete the Three Peaks Challenge aged just 9 - and where she learned she had the mountaineers mindset. 

We talk about the determination required to thrive in The Death Zone (the place above 8000 metres where human literally begin to die) and also the challenges of chasing records. Adri talks vividly about what the mountains mean to her and how she is connected to them and can hear their call.

A truly impressive woman totally committed to her passion and providing inspiration to everyone she meets.

Mojo for Adri - when nothing can stop you, which comes from persistence and consistency.

instagram: @adri.brownlee
website - www.adrianabrownlee.com

For corporate bookings and speaking engagments - please contact mark@athletemedia.co.uk
And to meet even more athletes powered by purpose - www.athletemedia.co.uk

Adri also mentioned her partner - Gelje Sherpa - @gelje_sherpa_
And her mentor - Nims Dai - @nimsdai
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