Aging Gracefully, Staying Stiff: Secrets to Lifelong Sexual Health

Feb 21, 06:23 AM

In this episode of Give Me and E, Dr. Rachael Ross dives deep into the topic of aging, oxidative stress, and their impact on erectile function. With her signature enthusiasm and expert knowledge, she reveals how antioxidants and smart lifestyle choices can combat the effects of aging, keeping your sexual vitality charged and your erections strong. From food supplements and exercise to cutting-edge technology, Dr. Rachael covers a range of strategies to elevate manhood and electrify your sex life. Whether discussing the science behind oxidative stress, offering delicious antioxidant-rich recipes, or exploring the benefits of penis pumps and aerobic exercise, Dr. Rachael makes it clear: aging might be inevitable, but losing your edge in the bedroom doesn't have to be. Tune in for a lively, informative session packed with actionable tips to keep you hard, healthy, and happy.

3:40 - What oxidative stress is doing to us and how to combat it

7:40 - Get yourself a decent penis pump and start using it

9:00 - Increasing nitric oxide synthase

12:00 - Natural solutions to try before you start TRT

Listener Questions

19:37 - Is there any harm that can occur if I take multiple nitric oxide supplements with different ingredients at the same time?

21:17 - Is eating too much spinach bad for you?

22:58 - How do you get your pituitary gland checked?

26:00 - Getting to the magic 600 level of testosterone

29:25 - What's the deal with pumping?

35:45 - Prostate inflammation and erectile function

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