Gather25 - 25 Hours, 2.5 Billion Believers (BONUS)

Season 16,   Mar 01, 08:00 AM

The global church gathered together like never before - Gather25! 

Jennie woke up from a dream with this question - “what if Jesus came back in 10 years? What if it was sooner than we think, are we ready? Would it change the way we are living today? Would we do something that we have never done before?” 

Right now on Earth, there are 5.5 billion people who do not know Jesus. We need the 2.5 billion Jesus followers to pray, to repent, to worship, and to be commissioned: sending us out to reach everyone we know. This is what Gather25 is all about.

Technology has connected us all and has opened a door that can gather the Church like never before. From every time zone, continent, and nation we will all be connected at once, lifting praises to the Lord. Different leaders and preachers will be leading us and Gather25 will be hosted live from all continents. This event will be translated into every major language and will be FREE for all. 

We are sending out the whole body of Christ to reach the whole world for the Gospel. 

Every continent. Every denomination. Together across 25 hours. March 1, 2025

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