S6 Ep5: Sam Dean - Commitment to Building a Community in Ibiza

Mar 25, 05:00 AM

My guest in epsiode 5 of series 6 is Sam Dean - co-founder of theHub Ibiza A very special professional community space where I live and where I’m a long standing member. Forget what you think you know about co-working spaces, what Sam and the team have created is much more as he’ll explain

This is a refreshingly candid conversation about founder energy, being an entrepreneur and a leader of a fast scaling business - which happens to be in one of the most well-known islands in the world. Professional life and Ibiza I hear you ask - isn’t that a contradiction in terms? Absolutely not AND it also adds a special flavour to Sam’s approach to business, to how he personally gets his inspiration and vision and how he makes decisions

We cover a lot of ground, Sam shares his wisdom and the benefit of his experience - the highs and the lows - we talk about Trust in your self and team, how he moves from being the Ideas guy to Executing and creating, how he escapes from short term thinking and gains his much wider perspective. And of course how’s he’s been able to commit to this project when there are so many shiny new things to chase

Insta links - @sam_plan @thehub.ibiza @thehubibizastudios

Mojo for Sam - energy, vitality, outlook and perspective

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