Expanding Black Representation in Tech with Jermaine Murray, Founder of JupiterHR

Season 3, Episode 38,   Apr 04, 09:34 AM

In this episode of Tech Can't Save Us, Paul chats with Jermaine Murray, "The Jobfather," about bridging the racial gap in tech. They discuss the challenges Black tech workers face, the importance of representation, and how JupiterHR is changing the game. Tune in for an enlightening discussion.

Jermaine Murray is making strides toward diversity in tech by helping Black job seekers secure their dream roles through his company, JupiterHR, having already celebrated 400 success stories. Despite Black individuals making up a significant portion of the population, they are severely underrepresented in the tech industry, with Black women holding a mere 0.7% of IT roles. How can companies better support Black employees and ensure inclusivity? Paul explores the critical role of representation, inclusivity, and support systems in expanding Black representation in tech with Jermaine Murray in this episode of Tech Can't Save Us.