Jack Latkovic: Power of Persistency; Training for the XFL/CFL; Faith Fills the Gaps in Our Hearts

Season 4, Episode 45,   Apr 05, 09:30 AM

In episode 45, Jack Latkovic joins the Chats with Clark Podcast to discuss his journey of faith: from a man who focused on popularity, women, and accolades through sports, Jack found himself fulfilled when he turned his heart over to his faith in Christ. Through the power of persistency, Jack has earned various football opportunities, like playing organized football for his first time when he was in college, and then eventually trying out for the XFL and (soon) the CFL. Ultimately, Jack has given his all to whatever he was focused on, and now, he finds his life full of blessings and in its best phase with his renewed vision.

Tune in to episode 45 of the "Chats with Clark" Podcast to participate in stories of unending grit, humble realizations, and the willingness to put oneself out there for better days ahead.

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