A Conversation on Mental Health & Beauty Standards with Jenna Andrews

Episode 619,   Apr 23, 08:13 PM

Mental Health, Beauty Standards, Anxiety, Body Image - Join us in this week's podcast where we sit down with seasoned music producer, songwriter, and the host of Green Room Talks, Jenna Andrews! We dive into the intersection of mental health, beauty standards, and the pressures of being a woman in the entertainment industry.  From working towards finding self-acceptance to blocking out the noise and reducing social media use, there are so many ways to navigate the unforgiving beauty standards that are ingrained in our culture. We emphasize how critical it is for women in the industry to support each other and shed light on important mental health topics, helping others feel less alienated. We also delve into the world of facial aesthetics - when is it the right time to get fillers, botox, and other cosmetic procedures? Tune in to learn about self-love and prioritizing your mental health over keeping up external appearances!