S6 Ep 7: Luke Sutton - Commitment to Rebuilding Himself

Apr 29, 04:00 AM

Luke Sutton was a professional cricket player for nearly 20 years. He was club captain of Derbyshire CCC and also played for Somerset CCC and Lancashire CCC. Although he was primarily a wicketkeeper, he was also a very skilled batsman.

Luke is now an agent to a number of high profile sports and media stars, and an owner of multiple businesses within the sports industry.

He has weekly podcast called ‘Understanding Men’ and has written four books “Back from the Edge”, “The Death of You”, "The Life of a Sports Agent - The Middleman" and “Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wicketkeepers”.

Luke has always been incredibly honest about his struggles with addiction and mental health and his recover journey since being admitted to a rehabilitation clinic in 2011.

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